G A7 D7 G
Spend so much time waiting around I don't get much done
If you wait around awhile with me you'll see
Good things just happen to me
I don't like to give it my all, honey that's all I've got
Doesn't seem to matter what I do
I still have a good shot

You might say I don't have the time
You might say I'm not in my prime
You might say I don't stand a chance
C G A D7
But baby when you hear me sing

All I've got are the gifts I've been given
Still tryin' to figure out how to use them
All I know is I ain't been livin' lately
I'm hungry babe I'm not starving yet
When my ribs start to show it's a real sure bet
I'll be fine dining and you'll be eating scraps


Repeat V1