It was an eventful year...a year chock full some may say, of events. Here at Twin Peaks headquarters in the snowy north country we must now take time to reflect of said events, because that is what December 31st is all about.

So here they are, the highlights of 2013 from your favourite busty buddies:

1. We got to share the stage with many great acts and learned a lot from watching the pros. Pros like, Picture the OceanSteve Brockley BandFolky Strum StrumKirby, & Del Barber!

2. We got our very own tour van thanks to our wildly succesful indiegogo campaign. Samuel L. Vanson made it through two gruelling tours and a harsh Canadian winter and we love him dearly.

2. We kicked off our May tour with another sold-out show at one of our favourite venues in Fort St. John, The Lido! Twin Peaks and Tall Cans spent the majority of May touring Alberta and BC with a short stop back home to stretch our van legs and sleep in our own beds..or in Tall Cans case a makeshift futon bed in an entertainment room. Then it was back on the road to travel to one of our most epic desinations so far. Vancouver Island Musicfest!

3. Vancouver Island Musicfest is an event which stands alone for us. Not only did we get to play with friends at a giant festival but we had the opportunity to play stages with bands beyond our years, Arianna GillisRonny Cox (no relation to Doug and have you ever seen the film Deliverance? NO not the pig guy!), and Library Voices. We also met one of our favourite new bands of 2013, The Cumberland Brothers. We listened to their EP Gamey about a kajillion times. We loved these guys so much that we asked them to play on our new album due out in early 2014!

4. We were nominated for two awards this year and we won one!!! Our first ever awards show experience was the 2013 Vancouver Island Music Awards which were open to the rest of the province for the first time this year. We came home with the hardware and everyone was stoked!

The second stab at glory did not go quite so well but attending the Breakout West Festival and Western Canadian Music Awards was a blast and once again we had a chance to see some great live acts (WiL100 Mile HouseJeff Stuart and the HeartsFive Alarm Funk, etc.) and learn some valuable tips and tricks of the 'ol music trade along the way.

5. We began recording our full length album with our dear friend Barry Mathers, read more about Redhouse Recording here. Keep looking for the release date TBA.

As always friends it has been great sharing some of these awesome experiences with you and we hope to share many more in the near future!

Look out 2014 Twin Peaks is coming for you!


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Hey friends!

We just spent 3 days in sunny Salmon Arm (home of the infamous handshake) chillaxin' in Edna and Al Vinet's glorious backyard oasis. We did a little "star of David" tour, criss-crossing from Salmon Arm to Armstrong, Armstrong to Clearwater, and Clearwater to Enderby. On a side note if you are in Enderby in the near future please check out The Cliffs Bistro and our new friend Kate's shop check out her rad Facebook page here, Imaginarium.
Our next show is at The Art We Are in Kamloops. We've heard some stellar reviews of the space and we get free soup and cornbread so it's a win-win situation:)
We're looking forward to spending some time with our friend Barry Mathers who owns and operates Redhouse Recording in Kelowna and the gorgeous and talented Sarah Sovereign in Chilliwack to record our first music video! Busy beavers, we know! Keep checking in with us won't you?
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Twin Peaks recently sat down with the internet to discuss their new-ish dream tourmobile, their big tour kick-off party, and all of the exciting happenings about to take place in the not so distant future.

World Wide Web: Twitter and Facebook have been ablaze with Twin Peak's Indiegogo campaign! Did you reach your goal?

Twin Peaks: As a matter of fact we totally did! The name of our tourmobile is Samuel L. Vanson. He is a cinnamon brown Chevy Astro with a few miles on his wheels (a lot of miles actually) and a heart of gold. He also doesn't take shit from anybody.

WWW: For those who don't know a lot about crowd funding can you explain how it works and how it allowed you to reach your goal?

TP: Crowd funding is an amazing grassroots approach to raising money for a wide variety of causes and projects. Musicians typically use sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to raise money to create albums and other musically related projects. We had mentioned to a friend that we'd really like to have our own van for touring this spring but seeing as we were both dramatically short of funds he suggested that we try out a crowd funding platform (we really didn't want to turn to prostitution). Instead of having a few people donate large sums of money to a project it allows people to donate small sums, which eventually add up to the complete goal. We had 37 funders who collaboratively helped us achieve our goal of purchasing Sammy. Funders are able to choose perks along with their donations e.g., house concerts, merch, topless dances, etc.

WWW: So now that you have a semi-reliable vehicle where will he be taking you this spring/summer?

TP: After our tour kick-off party at the Lido on April 27th we will be making our way down to Vancouver Island with stops in Rolla, Prince George, Kamloops, Clearwater, Sunnybrae...check the tour schedule it's all there;) Following that we will be booking shows in Alberta and the Kootenay region on our way down to Vancouver Island Musicfest in Comox, BC. We have a few local shows booked for June including the Sweetwater 905 Festival in Rolla, BC and a double bill will Picture the Ocean at the Kilnhouse Studio (run by the gorgeous and talented Shannon Butler).

WWW: When can we expect to hear some new music from Twin Peaks?

TP: Funny you should ask! We're going to be making a stop in Kelowna on the way down to Vancouver Island in May to see our good friend Barry Mathers. Barry was integral in making our first EP come together (almost like magic) and we are hoping to lay down a live off the floor track with him while we are there.

WWW: Any closing thoughts?

TP: We look forward to seeing you on the road!

Twin Peaks would like to thank everyone who contributed to the purchase of Samuel L. Vanson through Indiegogo:
Trevor Bolin, Lori Ackerman, Claudia Zimmer, Tanya Clary, Danielle Yeoman, Jacques Franke, Maureen Dreever, Maureen Peck, Jill Baccante, Bonnie Olsen, Patty Martin, Dale Hillman, Deb Butler, Barb & Brian Daley, Brenda Beckman, Lorna Craig, Erin Evans, Arthur Hadland, Dianne Hunter, Cherie Dunn, Jamie Parsons, Brent Hodson, Jennifer Bennett, Perry Leonfellner, Paul & Lori Mackey, Hallie Broadribb, Sarah Soveriegn, Sherry Rogers, Roshann Cornwall, Melanie Majer, Carol Broadribb, Jane Broadribb, Maureen Drever, Jeanie Wilson, Doug & Sharon Shore, Kendra Dawe, .....all of our friends at Remedies Lounge in Fort St. John!


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Hello beautiful people of the Internet! Twin Peaks would like to unveil to you our brand spankin' new website! This work of Internet art is brought to you by the fine people of Image Build (more specifically Mark "Bodacious" Bodner) and we could not be happier about it!

We'd like to break down a few of the things Twin Peaks is super jazzed about at the moment:
1. We are touring again this year! We are over halfway to owning our very own shitty band wagon (if you would like to contribute to our band wagon fund...go for it!). No respectable band drives around in their sister's borrowed Trail Blazer (but we still love you Edgar Winters).
2. We have a really fantastic show coming up on April 27th @ The Lido for our Tour de Fun 2013 kick-off party! The show ensures we don't run out of gas money by Prince George ha ha!
3. We have been invited to play at Vancouver Island Music Fest (July 12-14) and have been nominated for a Vancouver Island Music Award for BC Wide Artist of the Year! If you want to join us at the swanky awards gala it is being held on April 28th in Victoria, BC.
4. As always we have been OVERWHELMED by the generosity and support of our very own Peace Region, we could not have accomplished half of the things we did last year without the seemingly endless amount of encouragement we have received. Thank you, merci, danke, mahalo, grazie! We love you!


Twin Peaks.
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