Opener - Eric Taylor 

Doors - 6:30

Show - 7:00 

Cover - $15 donation to the band

Contact Eric for the address and any other questions you may have :)

Additional Info

  • City/Province Saskatoon SK
  • Date Thursday, 06 July 2017
  • Time 6:30pm
  • Venue House Concert
  • Address
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Whooo-eeee! We have been having such as blast these last few days we haven't been able to update all our friends and family back home about our shenanigans (and we have had some believe you me).

Calgary-July 17th-Wine-Ohs


-We had a day off and were re-united with out Oats and Notes family, the Gallingers. We got spoiled at Bonterra, the restaurant co-owned by our lovely host.

-Wine-Ohs was a really fun time. Some of our dear friends came out to support us (thanks Neal, Curtis, Tara, & Stacey) and we even made some new ones! Go figure!


-We still need to find a way to pull in a bigger crowd in Cowtown. Perhaps opening for a bigger act next time around.

Fort McLeod-July 18th-20th-South Country Fair


-We were pre-warned by the maginificent Lil' Jill Moranz that South Country Fair was going to blow our socks off (I'm paraphrasing obviously) and she was right on the money! So many amazing performances from music to slam poetry. We played our set on Sunday so we really got to enjoy the other acts throughout the weekend.

-Sunday night was the after party and everyone let loose. Pratt basically doesn't have vocal chords now due to the amount of caterwauling that was done...totally worth it. We can't even go into the lewd party games that went on. Certainly NSFW.


-It's pretty hard to find anything to complain about due to the amount of mind blowing times we had at SCF, but I suppose it would've been cool to shower more often. At least everyone else was in the same state of disarray.

Maple Creek-July 21st-Ghost Town B&B


-The owner of Ghostown Blues is a true music lover and the idyllic setting is enough to evoke a great performance out of any artist. We played in a old re-furbished church (some blasphemy went down) and had our first taste of 'glamping' (glam camping). We would reccomend this amazing spot to any weary travellers who want to have a truly down home experience.


-Pratt's voice had not fully recovered from the previous evening's yellfest and we were forced to sing everything in the key of D so she could hit the high notes. Stupid Pratt...this is Pratt by the way. We managed to get through the set and everyone left happy but it can be very frustrating when you cause your own vocal damage. Couldn't blame this one on the fires.

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Hey pals!

Did you miss us? We had an epic time howling across the prairies but now we're back for a short while and thought we'd give you a little look-see into our said epic road times. Please read, laugh, and keep in touch will ya?

May 3rd - Tour Kickoff at the LIDO - Fort St. John BC


-Sold out show 3rd year in a row!!!!

- We raised lots of gas money, cha-ching!

-Played a great show with some great pals. Special thanks to Dori Braun, Betty B Gidd, and Joe Rocca for playing!


-Being too busy to personally thank/hug/kiss everyone there.

May 4th - House Concert @ Shelagh and Cam’s- Grande Prairie AB


-Cuddling with Hadley, our favorite Basset Hound!

-Working on body building poses after midnight with Amandizzay.

-Shootin’ the shit with an old musical theatre pal.

Valleys (The worst actually):

-Leaving our brand new gigantic Kirkland vodka in our host’s freezer!!!

May 5th - House Concert @ Christine and Mike’s - Valleyview AB


-Hanging with the Broadribb clan.

-Listening to the sibling duo Sweet Clover whose harmonies brought us to tears...literally.

-Being introduced to Slivovitz (Russian moonshine).


-Being introduced to Slivovitz, which led to a late night cheese overdose.

May 6th - Cha Island - Edmonton AB


-Having Celeigh Cardinal lend us her smokin’ pipes for the evening.

-Slammin’ pints with our pal Jeff Stuart (the most Scottish, but actually Polish, guy we know).

-Reuniting with the Simpson lassies.


-Naomi forgetting her favorite pants and then having to ask Candi to put them on the Greyhound to Saskatoon.

May 7th - The Root - Lloydminster SK


-Being on the Saskatchewan side of town.

-Dancing the night away with local neon sensation “Spandy”!

-Partying down with our new best friends The Real Ponchos.


-Only sleeping for two hours (nap?) before driving to Saskatoon for our live television debut.

May 8th - Louis’ Loft - Saskatoon SK


-Watching the sun rise across the prairies at 4:30 in the morning.

-Being on CTV morning television and pulling it off no less!

-Meeting some new buds Madeline, Robin and Myles.

-Rockin’ a local open mic at The Woods.


-Booking a show at the university campus and forgetting that school is out.

May 9th - DAY OFF - Saskatoon SK


-Seeing our super friends the Real Ponchos play at Vangelis Tavern.

-Double vodkas on special.


-Double vodkas on special.

May 10th - Lady of the Lake - Brandon MB


-Heritage house lodging with our lovely host and owner of Lady of the Lake, Bridget.


-Deciding it would be ok to leave gear in the van then deciding against it at midnight

when Brandon started getting scary.

-Trying to load gear in through an extremely creaky door at midnight.


Stay tuned for more tour peaks and valleys in the coming days! Next up, Part II: Winnipeg, MB to Okotoks, MB. You know we loves ya!

Twin Peaks,

Regular People, Regular Problems.


#thejokeisontour #herecomestrouble

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