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The Peaks and Valleys of Touring Part II: Winnipeg, MB to Okotoks, AB.

Full Moose Jaw AKA 'Little Chicago' Full Moose Jaw AKA 'Little Chicago'

Alright, where were we? Oh yeah! Manitoba! It was Pratt's first visit to "Friendly Manitoba" and it did not dissapoint. I mean, the weather was bad but that's to be expected right?

Here is Part II of the Twin Peaks tour trilogy. Enjoy!


May 11th- DAY OFF - Selkirk, MB


-Getting spoiled by Naomi’s in-laws with a gigantic feast for Mother’s Day.

-Witnessing an 85 year-old lady (Amma) use an electric scooter for the first time. Watching the same 85 year-old lady do a waltz with her electric scooter.

Low Points:

-Having water taken away from us and replaced with alcohol all night long…seriously, it was rough.

May 12th- Le Garage - Winnipeg, MB

High Points:

-Lindsay found a Neil Young-esque jacket at a second hand store on Corydon.

-Twin Peaks sang ‘Helpless’ and Neil Young’s spirit filled their bodies momentarily.

-There was an enormous painting of Neil Young in the venue and it was awesome!

-Charlie and Lala got all of their cool friends and family to come to the show, including Gordon Sinclair Jr., a reporter from the Winnipeg Free Press. Learn more abou this cool venue here.


-It was too rainy and windy to explore Winnipeg.

-Taking Gordon Sinclair’s constructive criticism... “You guys are GREAT!”…ouch Gordon.

May 13th- Arborg Hotel- Arborg, MB


-Family reunion with the Shore fam jam.

-Saw Canada’s (perhaps the world’s?) largest curling rock!

-COOP gas card gift!!!

-Overly generous owner Owen who got us silly drunk, so silly drunk that Naomi almost peed her pants in her families kitchen watching Pratt drink straight out of a pitcher of iced tea and eat a day old lamb chop.


-Arguing with the town jack-ass about merchandise prices.

May 14th- Bobby’s Place- Moose Jaw, SK


-Bobby’s place was a traditional Scottish pub. Pratt was in her glory.

-The following day we went Full Moose Jaw and saw all the sights. We dressed as

1920’s flapper girls and held faux Tommy Guns, we took the Chicago tunnel tour

(saw Al Capone’s secret hide outs), we were rejuvenated by the Temple Garden

mineral pool and Brie took us to a ridiculous fried chicken place called Deja Vu.


-No one at the show was very interested in us, too many pints I guess.

-We met the most douche-y guys in Moose Jaw with some serious tribal tattoos and matching track suits.

-Deja Vu also made us feel like hot bags of garbage after consuming said fried chicken.

May 15th- The Rockin’ Horse Pub- Maple Creek, SK


-Ralph and Laurie treat musicians like royalty! Check out the Rockin Horse here.

-We played ‘Ladies Night’, the crowd went wild for Hair Panties and there was chocolate dipped bacon for days!!!

-We were introduced to the owner and manager of Ghost Town Blues B&B and checked out the location the following day. The owner buys and salvages buildings and wagons from ghost towns and converts them into amazing sleeping quarters. Acts such as Ridley Bent and Little Miss Higgins have played there previously.


-Pratt suffered a pretty serious chocolate bacon overdose after Ralph showed her where he kept the stash.

May 16th- The Owl Acoustic Lounge- Lethbridge, AB


-We found a new super friend named Kirby who serves at The Owl, she’s radical.

-Steve the owner has a super heart-on for music and treats musicians very well, he’s an accomplished musician himself, so it makes sense.

-Steve wrote the drink and food descriptions in the menus and reading them alone would make you stay for awhile.Oh look! It's online! Hilarious!

-Steve told us he shuts down the Owl for South Country Fair in Fort McLeod so that all the staff can attend! See you soon guys!

-Naomi bonded with a sparkly new friend named Jeffery, many rye and cokes were imbibed, and the friendship was solidified.

-We had Dairy Queen for brunch the next day and mosied around the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens. Zen as you know what.


-We were force fed (yah right) a lot of different drinks, from paralyzers to bourbon shots, which resulted in our first misunderstanding of the tour which then led to both of us crying at our hotel room and hugging it out before bed. Isn’t life grand?

May 17th- Twin Butte General Store- Twin Butte, AB


-Chimichanga’s big enough to last 3 days in the van. Minor health hazard. Not really Foodsafe I guess...

-Jenny and Phil know how to put up with... put up a band, including a great little loft with mountain views.

-Jenny and Phil also run the epic Waterton Lakes Opera House, where we got to party after our Twin Butte gig and catch a band from Lethbridge, Rancho Deluxe. Check out these amazing venues here and here.

-Hugs from the one and only Lil’ Jill!


-Refried bean overdose... thank god for all the cattle to blame the mysterious smells on.

May 18th- House Concert @ Kelsey & Chad’s- Okotoks, AB


-Not only is Kelsey herself and amazing entertainer she also collects exotic pets (some regular ones too) and tequila.

-Pratt got to hold a bearded dragon, a chameleon and a python! Only one of the three attempted to crush her larynx.

-Kelsey and Chad rounded up a bunch of fun, music loving people, including an old

school chum Jesse Jones.


-The next day’s hangover called for McDonald’s breakfast... you know its bad when...


Tune in soon for some more hijinks and capers!


Twin Peaks,

Regular People, Regular Problems.

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