Saturday, 01 March 2014 12:54

Hair Panties (do we have your attention?)! Featured

Gettin' Down at Remedies Lounge Gettin' Down at Remedies Lounge Sandra Milner

 Big, big, BIG news people of the world wide web! We made a video for Hair Panties with the help of the lovely Lisa Meuser who has become a recent trasplant to the North. She was a pleasure to work with and super pro...kind of a big deal. We unveiled it last night at the sold-out Vagina Monologues at our lovely Lido Theatre in Fort St. John! We also had some hilarious extras (Airik Clark follow him on Twitter!) as well as our strapping boyfriends who worked as beer runners, van drivers and extra phtographers. One of our most fun moments was filming the dance sequence with our kick-ass hype girl Clarice Eckford, who is no slouch when it comes to acting. Thanks to Darrylanne Jones for giving us our fresh faces! We would like to give a huge shout out to Burke Lauder who gave us full reign of Remedies Lounge and Gidd Hampton for allowing us to crash his Saturday jam sesh (these seshes happen every Saturday at Remedies so check one out!). Not only is the Hair Panties video available for your viewing pleasure here but it is also available to download on Bandcamp here! So much Hair Panties, so little time amiright?

 In other news our new album is nearing completion and we have a fun Indiegogo pre-sale started. You can order your copy now and receive it before the masses by ordering here! No pressure but it may not get done if you don't pre-order ha ha ha...kidding...sort of..we have a back-up Visa.