Monday, 11 November 2013 12:05


We're talking, we're laughing... We're talking, we're laughing... Sarah Sovereign Photography

Bonjour people of the interweb (that's right, we're bi-lingual)!

We've had a handful of people inquiring about the current status of our album in the making as well as our future plans and a handful is enough to inspire a wee blog post!

As of today ( I am typing with half frozen fingers) we have sent a few tracks to the delightful Cumberland Brothers to have some beautiful bass, banjo, and fiddle layed down and we can't wait to hear the results! Our friend and recent tour mate Tall Cans helped us out on acoustic guitar and we may have found a killer pedal steel to add a little more country to our most country-esque tracks! We're hoping to have final vocal tracks done by late November-early December at which time the mixing, mastering, and production will commence. It's a hell of a process so try to be patient supa-fans!

If all goes according to plan and we have our full-length album ready to go we are planning to tour across the lone Canadian Prairies come May. We just gotta get to Winnipeg, who knows, maybe we'll run into Mitch Podolak and wow him enough to get on a sweet Home Routes tour! 

Regardless of the ups and downs in the coming year we are as jazzed as ever about writing, singing, and performing so we won't be falling off of the radar anytime soon. Keep watching, listening, and most importantly right now, waiting! Ha ha ha! The best is yet to come!


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