Tuesday, 08 October 2013 12:46

Breakout West/ WCMAs: Winning isn't everything...unless you win.

Last weekend Twin Peaks had the extreme pleasure of attending BreakOut West in Calgary, Alberta. We're still convinced Albertans don't go over "how to properly use signal lights" on their driving exams, but that's neither here nor there.We went down to attend the Western Canadian Music Awards and collect our award for Roots Duo/Group Recording of the Year... and we did manage to complete one of those tasks! 

While attending the plethora of events that BOW 2013 had to offer we even managed to make some new friends..can you believe that? Of particular note are Denise MacKay and Peter Stone from the band 100 Mile House who were also nominated in our category, check out there gorgeous music here. We also met a few hilarious members of Jeff Stuart and the Hearts and got to check out their ear pleasing set at the Ironwood on Friday night. Not only are these cats extremeley talented but they offered to help us break into the Calgary/Edmonton music scene and we'll hold them to it!

Bottom line, did we win a WCMA? No, but who wants one of those sparkly things collecting dust on the mantle anyway?  We do. Which is why we're recording a full-length album with our dear friend and music guru Barry Mathers at his studio Redhouse Recording in Kelowna this year. If our little EP recorded at a price FAR below industry standards can garner us this much attention who knows what our LP will do. We'll be touring this spring across the prairies spreading our music like a fun STI. We hope to see you out there.


Twin Peaks

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