Thursday, 06 June 2013 08:45

We're alive!!!

Hi Friends! 

We know you haven't heard from us in a long, long time, but WE ARE ALIVE! We've been home for a week now relaxing and getting back into the groove of things. Our spring tour was a giant success! We had a lot of amazing shows and made some great new friends/fans. Vancouver Island was chock-full of some fantastic venues that we can't wait to play again.

The Duncan Garage Showroom, hosted by Longevity John, was an awesome show despite some frustration from Mr. Tall Cans at the beginning of his set (you can watch the drama unfold here). The Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island was another notable venue, we played to a small and attentive crowd of seven guests, including our beautiful host Lois and then spent our day off drinking on the sun deck. Another venue we will definitely be returning to is the Solstice Cafe in Victoria, a great room with fantastic, music loving staff. Our last show was in Courtenay at the Rewind Coffee Bar, where we shared the stage with local celebrity Brodie Dawson

It was a blast! We have two weeks off, kind of, and then we hit the road again for a summer tour through Alberta and the Kootnenays on our way to Vancouver Island Music Fest. We have to thank all of the generous hosts we had in the last month, who provided beds, couches, food, showers and beer. We would not be doing this without your support!!!

You can check out the next set of tour dates here.



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