Monday, 13 May 2013 15:35

The Funtastic Tour Adventures of Twin Cans

Hey friends!

We just spent 3 days in sunny Salmon Arm (home of the infamous handshake) chillaxin' in Edna and Al Vinet's glorious backyard oasis. We did a little "star of David" tour, criss-crossing from Salmon Arm to Armstrong, Armstrong to Clearwater, and Clearwater to Enderby. On a side note if you are in Enderby in the near future please check out The Cliffs Bistro and our new friend Kate's shop check out her rad Facebook page here, Imaginarium.
Our next show is at The Art We Are in Kamloops. We've heard some stellar reviews of the space and we get free soup and cornbread so it's a win-win situation:)
We're looking forward to spending some time with our friend Barry Mathers who owns and operates Redhouse Recording in Kelowna and the gorgeous and talented Sarah Sovereign in Chilliwack to record our first music video! Busy beavers, we know! Keep checking in with us won't you?
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