Tuesday, 15 July 2014 17:12

Peaks & Valleys-Grande Prairie-July 14th

Hey kids! We're coming to you today from Jasper, AB! It's a little hazy due to raging AB/BC forestfires but we vow to sing our little hearts regardless of the fact that our lungs are coated in ash. Yesterday we were in Grande Prairie. Here's the re-cap!


-Pratt's Aunty Sandy Dee and Uncle Arden bought a fourth copy of the new album. We may lead to their bankruptcy. 

-Hanging with Shelagh, Hadley, and Jack (sorry we missed ya Cameron...somebody has to make the big bucks). Pratt got to pet Hadley's velvety Basset Hound ears and all was well in the world.

-Tito's Bistro and Cafe has AMAZING food! Chicken Shawarma and falafel platters? Get outta town!


-Coming home from Costco to have dog poop induced nostril assault. Also, cleaning up said dog poop. Hadley, we all know who the culprit was. It was written all over your adorable face.