Sunday, 13 July 2014 11:14

Peaks & Valleys - Dawson Creek - July 12th

We played the first show of our month long tour last night in Dawson Creek at the Diamond Willow Retreat! It was delightful. Karen is basically Pratt's second mum.


-We got Big Red (the new van) all tuned up at the lovely Brown's Chevrolet in Dawson Creek and they didn't completely bankrupt us. Your alright Brown's, you're alright.

-We had a sleepover party and breakfast feast with the gorgeous girls of Scarlet Sway! Bacon, apple and onion hashbrowns? Yes please!

-It was a balmy 34 degrees at our outdoor show.


-It was a face-melting, scorching, sweltering, river of back sweat inducing 34 degrees at our outdoor show.

-The Dad Debt account is now on the upswing.

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