Friday, 04 July 2014 18:01

The Peaks & Valleys of Touring Part Trois...Finally.


What's that? This tour happened over a month ago and you're just hearing the third and final part of the trilogy? I right?

Part III: Medicine Hat, AB to Peace River, AB

May 19th- Schooner’s Pub- Medicine Hat, AB


-Met a new gal pal name Michelle who introduced us to a place called the “Medicine Hat Buffet”. She did warn us that we would be sorry after our meal but we were up for the adventure. Buffet items included: Chinese chicken balls, spaghetti, jello, coconut shrimp, pizza, spring rolls, ice cream, deviled eggs, etc.

-Our bartender from Schooners invited us back to her crib for a night cap and we met her fur babies, Lucy the Chihuahua and Ringo the Cat... we can definitely get down with Beatles themed pets.


-Michelle was right about our buffet adventure. We were sorry for two days afterwards. That place should be illegal, SHUT IT DOWN!

-We played on Victoria Day, it seemed nobody was willing to leave the house.

May 20th House Concert at Neal & Rhonda’s- Calgary, AB


 -Neal surprised Rhonda for their 14th wedding anniversary by learning their wedding song, “Lost Together” by Blue Rodeo…so sweet…husband of the year.

-Once again, we got to see friends and family. Neal and Rhonda are cool people with cool pals so we had a great night.



 - Neal’s big plan almost flopped because we could not convince Rhonda to leave the house so we could practice their song. She finally gave in!


May 21st- Ferintosh Hotel- Ferintosh, AB


 -There is always a character in Ferintosh. This time it was an older Brit named Norman who had written a hilarious song about ‘self-love’. It was so good we ROFL’d.

-Uncle Stan and Aunty Dar basically give us free reign of the bar, it’s fun yet dangerous...kind of like us.



 -We both thought we were playing Red Deer so went down to set up at The Olive, we were not playing that night.


May 22nd - The Velvet Olive- Red Deer, AB


 -Our ‘ol pal Perry wasn’t around but the other bartender, Charlie, ended up being a really good time.

-We had a guy come to the show specifically because of our funny Searchlight Competition memes.

-Aunty Jane showed up out of the blue!



 - Pratt had Chinese cupping done and although the health benefits were achieved it appeared that a large and ornery octopus had attacked her.


May 23rd – House Concert at Rob & Abha’s- Edmonton, AB


- We had a really great show and got our SECOND wedding invitation of the tour.

-There were cute dogs EVERYWHERE!

-Abha gave us a private sitar concert, just beautiful.



 -We were really starting to power down and had become decidedly more whiny.


May 24th- Concert at the Cabin (Tom & Carol’s)- Peace River , AB


 -Naomi’s family had been working like Clydesdale horses getting her mum and Tom’s cabin and yard ready for the show. They had built a beautiful little bandstand for us to play on.

-Lindsay’s mum and dad showed up in their ‘new to them’ camper van. Twin Peaks began plotting the takeover of said camper van for summer festivals bwahahaha!

-We both got our boyfriends back! The wedding jokes were getting too real. We had dresses picked out and everything.



 -Turns out family wants an even better show than strangers! We mustered all of our strength to get through those last two sets before resting our pipes for a well-deserved while.